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什么是appfw | What is appfw

appfw是一个Java软件框架。它包括对HiveMindSpring Framework这两个SoA & IoC基础框架的集成,以及在这之上的一些可重用 的基本服务。从而,软件开发团队可以迅速地利用Spring Framework、HiveMind以及appfw提供的这些基础服务, 开发出满足客户需求的软件系统。更详细的介绍请看这里

appfw is a software framework based on Java, which integrates two popular SoA & IoC frameworks - HiveMind and Spring Framework - together, and provides reuseable basic service components based on Spring Framework and HiveMind. Therefor, software development teams can base their work on Spring Framework, HiveMind and appfw's services, while the same customer needs must be meet, they may deliver the software quicker. For further information, please click here.

在SourceForge上的项目 | Project on SourceForge

appfw是注册在SourceForge上的一个项目,其项目入口在 这里

appfw a project hosted on SourceForge, its project entrance is here.

最近新闻 | Latest News

  • 2004-08-14    源代码snapshot可以下载。 | Source code snapshot is ready for download
  • 2004-08-13    appfw-common的overview页面内容写好了。
  • 2004-08-11    网站上线,虽然内容不很完整。 | Web site go live, though content is not quite complete.
  • 2004-08-10    在BBS上先后发了两个帖子,介绍这个项目: 帖子一帖子二。 | Two posts on a BBS: Post1, Post2.
  • 2004-08-10    一些图片:示意图屏幕截图
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